Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld established Latin Concepts LLC in 2002; a company dedicated to the realization of Latin inspired creative concepts for businesses and is the idea hub for all businesses ventures, restaurants and creations under the Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld signature. Each Latin Concepts affiliated company is designed under Mauricio’s creative direction and brought to life by his innovative entrepreneurial spirit. Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld is known as one of the DC’s most successful local entrepreneurs. Over the short span of fifteen years Mauricio has single handedly assembled, designed, financed, built, staffed and operated fifteen different locations and created his company Latin Concepts.Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld has the ability to envision trends ahead of time and create new trends. His strength is seeing opportunities where others may simply see problems. His philosophy, “Every problem or issue is a business opportunity waiting for a solution”. He looks at common everyday products in order to re-design and patent his creations.
Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld's ability to see solutions from a different perspective brought him back to his original passion, to motivate others in reaching their ultimate potential.  A belief and practice that he implements in his everyday life in his company. I Love Failure blog was created as a platform in motivating others at looking at life and hardships from a positive view.  I Love Failure is based on real life experiences of Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld that contributed and explain who he is as an individual and an entrepreneur. I love Failure will evolve into Mauricio's first book to be published in the near future.
Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld’s strength is seeing potential, creating an idea, developing a strategy, placing the correct partnerships and implementation!